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Residential Decks, Docks and Piers

Alarka Marina understands you have better things to do with your time than spending it on your waterway or lake front dock. That is the reason Titan Deck is a best solution for any residential pier or boat dock. Their goal is to be the last dock you will ever install. By installing Titan Deck you are adding to the durability, safety and appearance of your dock regardless of its intended use for either personal or waterfront  association docking systems.

Decking Your Way

This deck is designed using separate boards making them easy to install and flexible enough to fit most docks used for residential purposes. Individual boards can be installed as panels which enable ease of removal or to access utilities such as plumbing or electrical components.

The dock boards can be ordered in three styles to match the surrounding of your residence. In addition, Titan Deck offers a 12-year worry-free limited warranty.

Titan Deck is an “open-area” deck board which means several things: 1) it is barefoot friendly because the surface temperature within a degree or two of ambient temperature, 2) the open area allows sunlight to pass through which allows marine life to thrive under the dock, making Titan Deck environmentally friendly, and 3) the open area allows for dissipation of storm surge energy which makes piers made with Titan Deck withstand storms better than traditionally decked piers.

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Commercial Decks, Docks and Piers

Commercial boat piers and marinas consider a Titan Deck to be the top choice. From section decking to stairways to gangways, the use of Titan Deck will enhance the durability, safety and appearance of any commercial dock system – regardless of size.

Commercial decks can be used for:

  • Marinas

  • Piers

  • Waterfront Businesses

  • Restaurants on the Water

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